Account introduction .

Accounts refer to Metatrader trading accounts on Tradesync. Accounts are hosted on our servers and connected to a broker server how they would on any desktop computer. Accounts are added to the platform with the account number, password and broker server. If you are not copying trades to the account, you can add the account with the investor password also.

The amount of accounts you can add to the API are defined by the '/user' endpoint and 'allowed' key. See the user endpoint here.


At this time you must contact our team to add hosting.

We provide endpoints for all CRUD operations involving accounts. You can add an account, retrieve all accounts, retrieve one account, update an account's information, update an account's connection and delete an account.

When adding an account to the platform the account's symbols are retrieved from market watch. By default all symbols are enabled on the account and all can be traded if enabled by the broker.

On Tradesync you can retrieve the symbols on an account using the '/accounts/{account_id}/symbols' endpoint. You can retrieve an individual symbol and also disable and enable a symbol on the account. See the get all account symbols endpoint here.

Get all symbols for an account endpoint


Enable/disable symbol on account endpoint


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