Introduction .

Tradesync offers an API (Application Programming Interface) and webhooks, which can be used to create applications (or integrate into existing applications), with our technology.

Use cases

  • An independent custom application
  • Mobile application
  • Wordpress integration

The API follows the principles of a RESTful web service wherever possible and consists of a series of http endpoints, that allows you to programmatically control your Tradesync account.

To compliment the API, we offer webhooks that deliver real time events on your account, to a url endpoint that you define.

Why use webhooks?

With an API, you have to pull information from the system, as you want it. As you don't know when key events occur, you have to request for information at some set interval, which is very inefficient. With webhooks, we send you information, as at happens, removing the need for constant pulling.

Use cases

  • Send your trades to an email mailing list
  • Post your trades in your Twitter feed
  • Post your trades in a Telegram group

This guide describes how to use the API and webhooks.

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