Introduction .

Tradesync is an API that allows clients to manage multiple MetaTrader accounts and copy trades from one account to many others, effectively allowing you to automate trading on more than one account. The Tradesync API is based around REST and has predictable resource-oriented URLs, accepts form-encoded request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.

Tradesync currently powers our account management, trade copier and signal provider platform Social Trader Tools. This is evidence that you can build your own successful SAAS product using our API.

Use cases

  • An independent custom application
  • Mobile application
  • WordPress integration

To complement the API, we offer webhooks that deliver real-time events which occur on your accounts and copiers.

Why use webhooks?

With an API, you have to pull information from the system, as you want it. As you don't know when key events occur, you have to request for information at some set interval, which is very inefficient. With webhooks, we send you information, as it happens, removing the need for constant pulling.

Use cases

  • Send your trades to an email mailing list
  • Post your trades in your Twitter feed
  • Post your trades in a Telegram group

This guide describes how to use the API and webhooks.

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