Authentication .

The Tradesync API uses API keys to authenticate requests. Each request uses a key and secret pair with Basic authorization. Your key:secret pair must be Base64 encoded and added to the header of each request.

Key and secret pairs can be generate and managed via the web application here.

Your application username and password for the web application are not used for API requests, however they can be used to get a limited time JWT token which can be used with Bearer authorization.

Required header

Authorization: Basic <base64-encoded credentials>

Sample http request

GET /account HTTP/1.0
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Basic dXNlcm5hbWddU6cGFzc3dvcmQ=

Response body

    "result": "success",
    "status": 200,
    "meta": {
        "count": 3,
        "limit": 1000,
        "order": "desc",
        "last_id": 60
    "data": [
            "id": 66,
            "..": ".........."

JavaScript example

async function getAccounts(){

    const response = await fetch("",{
        headers: {
            'Authorization':'Basic ' + btoa('key:secret')

    const accounts = await response.json();


PHP Curl example

protected function getAccounts()
        $curl = curl_init();

        $curl_options = array(
            CURLOPT_URL => '',
            CURLOPT_USERPWD => 'key:secret'

        curl_setopt_array($curl, $curl_options);

        $result = curl_exec($curl);


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