Common response codes .

API responses include a code that indicates the result of the request.

All API requests can return one of many common responses which are described below. For request specific responses, look at the relevant section in this documentation).

Success codes.

The request was processed successfully

Code Status Description
SUCCESS 200 Successful request

Fail codes.

The request failed for reasons described in the JSON body

Code Status Description
AUTHORISATION_FAILED 401 Authorisation header invalid
NOT_AUTHORISED 401 Authorisation failed
FORBIDDEN 403 Insufficient permissions to access this resource
NOT_FOUND 404 Resource does not exist
METHOD_NOT_ALLOWED 405 Method not allowed
INVALID_CONTENT_TYPE 415 Request header 'Content-Type: application/json' required
VALIDATION_FAIL 422 Input validation error
REQUIRED_DATA_MISSING 422 Required input missing
TOO_MANY_REQUESTS 429 Too many requests

Error codes.

The request failed due to a system error. This should not happen.

Code Status Description
ERROR 500 System error has occurred
MAINTENANCE_MODE 503 Maintenance mode enabled

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