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    "lead_id": 6159,
    "follower_id": 6167,
    "risk_type": "risk_multiplier_by_balance",
    "risk_value": 1


Field Required Accepted Description
lead_id yes integer Lead account ID
follower_id yes integer Follower account ID
risk_type yes string A valid risk type
risk_value yes double A risk value for the risk type
copy_existing no yes or no Copy existing lead account trades
reverse no yes or no Reverse direction of trades
force_min no yes or no Round up the lot size if less than the minimum
max_lot no double Round down the lot size if it is greater than the max lot
slippage no double An acceptable difference between the lead open price
copy_pending no yes or no Copy pending orders
copy_sl no yes, no or fixed Copy stop loss
fixed_sl no double A fixed stop loss if using copy_sl fixed
copy_tp no yes, no or fixed Copy take profit
fixed_tp no double A fixed take profit if using copy_tp fixed
comment no string Append a string to the MT trade comment

Fail codes

Code Status Description
INVALID_ACCOUNT_COMBINATION 422 Lead and follower ID are the same
LEAD_DOES_NOT_EXIST 422 Lead account does not exist
FOLLOWER_DOES_NOT_EXIST 422 Follower account does not exist
REVERSE_COMBO_EXISTS 422 Follower already copying the lead
FIXED_STOP_LOSS_REQUIRED 422 Fixed stop loss required
FIXED_TAKE_PROFIT_REQUIRED 422 Fixed take profit required

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